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November 8, 2012

— Call for Donations —
Hurricane Sandy Relief for
Rockaway Beach, NY Residents

Nov. 8, 2012 - Nov. 15, 2012

Many of you know what a huge fan of “The Boss” I am…and many of my good friends in the areas of NJ and NY hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy share my love of his great music. At a benefit concert this week, Bruce Springsteen said,

“We're a band that you can't separate from the Jersey shore—still basically a glorified bar band... at your service! So we're gonna do this tonight from our hometown to your hometown. We'll send this out to all the people working down there: the police officers, the firemen, and also to the Governor, who has done such a hard job this past week.”

We’re trying to do our part to support the aid workers and the families affected by the storm, sending supplies along with a folks who are heading up to New York’s Rockaway Beach area over the next few weeks to help out. We’ve learned what’s most needed are:

  • Clothes for Adults and Children
  • Blankets

  • School Supplies

  • Bottled Water

  • Non-Perishable Food

  • Toiletries

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Work Gloves

  • Batteries

We're collecting donated items at our office during our regular office hours through Thursday of next week. Call us today at (336) 288-4499 if you have questions.

Everything we’ve collected so far is going north this Sunday along with firefighters from Greensboro’s Station 5, who are going to help some of the FDNY families that have lost so much…what we collect next week will go up next weekend with another group.

Money donations are also needed, so if you don't have items to donate, you can make a financial contribution directly to the Red Cross. Read more about their efforts here: http://www.redcross.org/news/article/American-Red-Cross-Ongoing-Relief-Effort-for-Sandy-Update

Thank you for your support!

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