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Is Gingivitis Contagious?

Is Gum Disease Contagious?

Gingivitis and gum disease are not technically contagious. Scientists don't fully understand what causes some people to have more harmful bacteria in the plaque that develops on their teeth between dental visits. Research has shown that most people who are susceptible to gingivitis have an underlying medical condition like diabetes, HIV, or other immune system disease; they're experiencing hormonal changes; or they are taking a medication that suppresses their immune system, making it more susceptible to bacteria. It's worth noting that if one of your close blood relations has periodontal disease, it may mean you're genetically more susceptible to the gum disease, even if you are currently experiencing no symptoms of gum inflammation. Blood relatives are your cousins, brothers, sisters, grandparents, your parents and their brothers and sisters.

Remember, gum disease is your mouth's reaction to infection by bacteria thriving under your gums. The bacteria that could cause your gums and teeth to get damaged are spread through saliva. If you or a family member have gum disease, it's better to be safe than sorry: limit contact with their saliva, and don't share utensils or dental equipment.

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