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Why does my tooth hurt and how can I relieve the pain of a toothache?

There can be many causes for a toothache and the pain can vary from mild to extreme. Of course the best thing to do with any month pain is to have a dentist take a look and diagnosis what is going on. Tooth pain can be serious and an infected tooth could even be life threatening. Call our office and make an appointment so we can examine you and find out the cause of your pain, but we can cover the most common causes and possible treatments.

Sometimes the cause of a toothache can be something simple as some food caught between your teeth. The most common thing is a popcorn shell. Gently flossing and brushing may remove the debris and stop the pain. A warm salt water rinse can help healing. Another common cause is sinus issues that can feel like a toothache especially on the top teeth. If you feel like you have been having sinus problems and then your teeth start hurting it could be pain from your sinus. Normally several teeth will fell sore. Sinus medications may help with the pain if that is the issue.
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A cavity or a broken/chipped tooth can cause a toothache especially if it is large. If food gets in the cavity it can irritate the nerve and cause pain. Flossing or brushing the food out might bring you some relief but please get the tooth checked as soon as possible. It might still be able to be fixed with a simple filling. If left alone the cavity can get into the inside of the tooth and that can cost more to fix.

An abscess is when the inside of the tooth has become infected or the nerve has died. This pain can be severe and if left alone an infection can happen that could cause swelling or even be life threatening. The most common way this happens is from a cavity that was not treated and has grown large enough to get to the inside of the tooth. The middle of the tooth has a space in it that contain the nerve and blood supply for the tooth. A cavity is really a bacterial infection and if that bacteria make it into the pulp of the tooth it will abscess. This must be treated as soon as possible. Over the counter pain medications like advil or aleve can help and antibiotics can help slow the infection, but until it is treated the pain and infection will just return. A tooth with an abscess can be treated by a root canal treatment or by having the tooth removed. We can look at your mouth and advise you on which treatment might be best for you.

Remember a toothache can be a serious issue. Call our office as soon as possible to have it checked out and to determine what the best treatment for you is. Prevention is always the best, so routine visits and x rays can prevent many problems before they become painful.

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