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Oral Cancer Screening in Greensboro, NC

Oral cancer isn't the only disease your dentist can detect. You may be surprised to hear that oral cancer screening doesn't just detect head and neck cancers. Dentists are frequently the first to see oral changes associated with leukemia and other systemic health problems, too. Your medical doctor may only see you once a year, but dentists see you twice a year. That's why the American Dental Association and the American Cancer Society recommend that all adults undergo periodic oral exams and discuss oral cancer screenings when they visit the dentist.

At Dr. Scott Welch, we believe that an oral cancer screening is an essential part of every initial exam and recall exam. While no single test will eliminate the risk of dying from cancer, early detection expands the range of treatment options and increases the likelihood of recovery. Especially if you are a smoker, tobacco-chewer, heavy alcohol drinker, or have had oral cancer before, letting a dentist keep tabs on your oral health is just good sense.

Oral Cancer Screens Are Part of Every Checkup.

We perform oral cancer screenings procedures throughout your checkup. First, our hygienist checks the soft tissue and tongue for any changes. Then, when I come into the room, they alert me to any concerning areas they noticed, and I look for any other potential problem areas. Sometimes, I may notice something suspicious while doing a filling or reviewing a patient's regular x-rays. In addition, our Panoramic radiograph shows the entire jaw area, so we often find things there that we couldn't see on the individual x-rays.

If we find any area of concern during an oral cancer screening or other dental procedure, we inform the patient and refer him or her to an oral surgeon, if needed. No one likes to hear that they have an area that needs to be checked, but early detection is the key to successful treatment of oral and other cancers.

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