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After Care – Tooth Whitening

If you’ve had in-office Zoom!® tooth whitening, and you want to keep the shiny, white appearance of your teeth, it’s important to follow a few simple after-care steps to keep your teeth looking great.


Your teeth are especially porous for several days after in-office bleaching, making them susceptible to staining. For 48 hours after you have your tooth whitening procedure, avoid foods and drinks that will likely stain your teeth:

  • coffee and tea
  • colas
  • red wine
  • berry fillings in pies
    or other baked goods
  • tobacco products

Be sure to floss daily and brush with an anti-sensitivity toothpaste, and clean your tongue carefully at least
twice each day. 

The Zoom! system we use causes much less sensitivity than earlier systems. However, even with the new system, temporary tooth sensitivity lasting between one and three days can be a common side effect. Some people experience an intense, electric-shock feeling—a “zing”—from time to time, while others find that they are susceptible to hot or cold foods and drinks. Over-the-counter pain relievers containing ibuprofen or acetaminophen may reduce any pain or sensitivity you feel. Using toothpaste for sensitive teeth may
be helpful, as well.

After you have your teeth whitened using the Zoom! procedure at our office, we will give you some custom-made dental trays to take home with you. This is not part of the Zoom! system, but a gift to you so you can maintain your new bright smile.

You can use these trays to touch up your teeth if you notice they are not as bright as you’d like. You can use the trays for several days in a row, placing a small amount of whitening gel in the trays and wearing them for one to two hours. Most people will do this every four to six months. (We provide one tube of touch-up gel, and you may purchase additional gel at our office.)

Zoom! tooth whitening is an excellent process that yields great results that last, especially if you follow the after care procedures we recommend. If you’ve invested in a whiter, brighter smile, it only makes sense to keep it that way!

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